Montessori Large Solar System Fabric Decal

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Purchase as either felt backed for floor play or decal backed for use on the whiteboard, windows, or wall decals.

Check out this larger version of our original solar system!

Fly off into outer space with this really neat, 3d effect solar system felt board set. Learning about planets has never been so much fun! Pick up the pieces, move them around, explore their textures, atmospheres, rings, locations relative to the sun, and so many more out of this world ideas! (Okay, that was cheesy, but cool is this set?!)

This set comes with 9 planets/sun:
The Sun

These pieces are LARGE! They are backed by felt and can be used on a very large felt board, however we recommend you use them on the floor as either sitting mats in circle time or for playing and modeling on the ground.

Sun: 31" X 13"
Mars: 7" X 6"
Uranus: 11" X 20"
Mercury: 6" X 6"
Earth: 9" X 10"
Saturn: 13" X 20"
Neptune: 11.5" X 19"
Jupiter: 15" X 16"
Venus: 9" X 10"

Also available as a whiteboard/window/wall decal. For the whiteboard and windows, the decals only need to be placed on the surface. For wall use, the decals need to be ironed to the wall. When you want to remove them, just peel and remove. For more details, feel free to send me a PM!

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